FAQs about the TC TrustManager

Manage proofs

Yes, the import of user data from your existing systems is possible. Thus, several users can be entered simultaneously via a CSV file.

The interfaces also allow the user administration to be managed via an existing system such as SAP.

Our dashboard provides you with information about which certificates have been completed by your employees.

Signing proofs

Employees can select from the list of defined training courses which they have completed at a certain time. 

As an additional proof, a file can be attached to confirm the successful completion of the training by an examiner. If the file is available as a printout, a photo can be attached as proof. The checksum is calculated at byte level so that every digital file can be signed.

The signature takes place on the user’s terminal device. Additional hardware such as a card reader is not required for the process, the signature can be performed by a PC or a smartphone.

Our system stores the following information in the block chain:

  • Checksum of the file: is needed for the identity check.
  • Your signature: a verifier can verify that you are the issuer of the signature
  • Timestamp: When was the entry made in the block chain


Information on completed certificates is hosted on the company’s server, so that neither TrustCerts nor other companies have access to completed certificates or employee structures.

The block chain protocols developed by us ensure that only one signature can be created for each checksum. This enables the unique identification of an issuer.

The use of on several devices is possible. The key pair with the user’s password is encrypted and stored on a company server so that no one can access the key pair. If the password is lost, a new key pair is assigned to the user so that no evidence is lost.

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