Trust as a Service

Security as an add-on for every process, with every file. The integrity is guaranteed by a unique checksum, so only the issuer has the sole control over the distribution. The recipient verifies the issuer by means of the digital signature, regardless of the way the data was received.

Cloud or On-Premise

Use directly our provided network to handle your use cases for the TrustChain. We take care of the provision, you take care of your business.

You want to remain independent? The TrustChain can also be operated within your closed corporate network without having to communicate with the outside world.

Modular design

There is not one system that can be used efficiently for every problem. For this reason, a node consists of several modules that interact with each other in the form of microservices.

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At one look

The advantages of the TrustChain


Independent technology, which can be operated as desired

GDPR compliant

Personal data is never stored in the block chain

Low power consumption

Instead of competing with each other, the servers work with each other so that the energy consumption does not differ from normal systems

Optimized storage

Unlike smart contract solutions like Ethereum, invalid transactions are immediately discarded through prior validation

Safe user experience

First block chain to support 2-factor authentication by FIDO2 devices for a secure signature process

Dynamic processes

Revoke signatures at any time, even if you have already sent the data. This is still possible even after the private key has been lost


Due to the very different uses, we adapt our TrustChain exactly to your needs.
In addition to the individually calculated license fee, you only pay for the documents signed by you.
Contact us and together we will prepare an individual offer.