Environmentally aware

Sustainable processes for your digitisation

Trust instead of work

When the term “blockchain” appears, you often read about “Proof of Work”. This is one of the mechanisms how a blockchain can be built. This procedure is a competition, as many participants, so-called “miners”, compete against each other. However, this requires a lot of computing power, which in turn requires a lot of energy.
We rely on “Proof of Authority” for our technology. This is a matter of trust and not of competition, so the energy input is drastically reduced. In addition, our blockchain technology is even more powerful thanks to PoA.

Digital instead of paper

There are several arguments against the use of paper. Not only that the production process consumes vast amounts of fresh water. Every printout on paper causes billions of fine dust particles, this damage both to the environment and to the employees who are exposed to these particles in the offices.
All documents can also be managed digitally, which is good for the environment, health and saves space. In addition, it is also possible to work much more efficiently if processes are also digitalised.