Security as an add-on for your processes

Integrable everywhere

Our technology works independently of your existing software. This means that it can be incorporated into SAP solutions, for example, or integrated into your own software. Also the use of your operating system is not important because our software works independently. We take care of your security, no matter which systems you use.

Simple digitization

In many companies there are still numerous analogous documents. These take up a lot of space and are often not clearly arranged. With our solutions, we help you to digitise your documents so that you can manage them better. In addition, they are also protected by our blockchain technology.

Analogue and digital

Our solutions can be used for both analogue and digital documents. A simple QR code on your document is sufficient to secure it against fraud. A mobile phone is all that is needed for a free authentication check. Digital documents can also be easily checked using a device with an Internet connection.