Counterfeiting is very easy

Forging certificates is easy: Google has over 39,000 results on the topic of “forging certificates” and numerous videos on YouTube take potential fraudsters by the hand. It is estimated that every tenth testimony in Germany is forged. In addition, job seekers can apply online for more than 50% of all advertised jobs.

But it is also made easy for the falsifiers: online applications are becoming the standard, and for obvious reasons only very few companies request certified certificates.

Loss of confidence

Many employers do not notice modifications of the certificates during the application process. Cheating applicants gain an advantage over better qualified and honest applicants and employees. From experience, the disclosure of such cases leads to a high loss of trust – internally and externally. Moreover, it costs time, money and especially nerves.

No hidden fees

The solution is simple: our technology automatically provides university certificates with a unique fingerprint – as soon as they are issued. This protects the certificate in analogue and digital form against any kind of subsequent, unauthorised modification.

Employers can verify the validity of the certificate in a few seconds, without the need to install any software. Thus, they have verified confidence in the document at hand. We work together with colleges and universities which already give their certificates an additional level of trust. For employers the verification is completely free of charge.

Our product for this application

The TrustCreator protects documents of any kind, including certificates, against manipulation.
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