Documentary requirements in many industries

Many companies are obliged to provide evidence of sensitive issues such as occupational health and safety. Offices and authorities have an interest in this data, which is why the error-free and unambiguous maintenance of this documentation is a high priority in many companies. In addition to the employees, who must actively participate in instructions and training, the superiors are required to document this in digital or analog form – but above all in a verifiable way.

Often still analogue

If there is no precise documentation available on record, the company and the supervisor must expect possible legal consequences if a claim is made. Without an automated, digital system, control is difficult and violations of standards are not detected. The consequences are fines or a considerable amount of extra work to avoid them.

Automated solution

With our technology we can secure these processes simply and effectively. We offer you a digital, automated solution that can be adapted to individual needs. Scalability is not ignored – the comfort of the application remains the same with 500 employees as with 50. A simple interface ensures efficient monitoring and the Blockchain technology, which works in the background, gives you the security you need. Full control with all data protection requirements – focus on innovation and progress, we’ll take care of the security.

Our product for this application

With TrustManager, customized to your needs, you can proactively monitor and plan your evidence forward. TrustCerts creates the best protection and full traceability of all your evidence. Occupational health and safety assessments and measures can be viewed digitally in real time.