Counterfeit files

Countless forged standard documents, including invoices, are sent out every day. Forgery is very easy and fast. It can sometimes be difficult for your customers to tell whether they have received an original or fake invoice. Scammers use these forgeries to try to obtain services by fraud and make a huge profit with forged invoices, but also other documents.

Fraud destroys trust

Falling into the network of fraudsters is annoying for all parties. In addition to unnecessary stress, your customer will also suffer economic damage and will have less faith in future official letters from your company. Your company will no longer be trusted and in the worst case, a large series of forgeries can turn into a PR disaster. A power play to restore this trust – while the pockets of the fraudsters continue to fill in your name.

Simple, digital, safe

We have developed technology to secure your documents against forgery and fraud. Our Blockchain technology protects your data in the background, while both digital and analogue documents of all kinds can be easily and quickly checked for authenticity by any user – free of charge for your customers, of course. Give your documents an additional level of security and set an example against fraud in the name of your company.

Our product for this application

With our TrustCreator all kinds of standard documents are secured against manipulation.
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