Sign, create, and manage forgery-proof documents and evidence

TrustCerts is the European verification service based on innovative blockchain technology - DSGVO-compliant, forgery-proof and neutrally verifiable both as a cloud solution and on-premise.

Many loyal customers already place their trust in us. Learn from our customers how we simplify processes and secure evidence.

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Do you have everything covered?

No matter if certificates, protocols or internal commitments and coordinated plans - in the hectic everyday life all documents & proofs are susceptible to forgery. With TrustCerts, there are simply no more excuses, as the innovative blockchain technology can be integrated into any of your existing processes in a simple and user-oriented way.

You too can benefit from more transparent and reliable commitments, absolute traceability and the security of always being secured on European infrastructure in compliance with the GDPR.

Verifiable evidence

Create, sign, or manage any document and from any participant in your organization and beyond.


Integrate TrustCerts' features directly into your processes and experience an unprecedented level of automation.

White Label

You want to use and provide the features on the TrustCerts platform in your own design? No problem, then White Label is your solution.

Create secure report cards and performance records for all students.

It's that simple ...

Issue and check valid work certificates - forgery-proof, traceable and automated.

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Document a traceable, tamper-proof supply chain that can be verified by external third parties - now!

Release internal budgets and document responsibility - verifiable and available to everyone.

We provide transparency!

Use TrustCerts for your individual use cases.


Secure your credentials via blockchain and enable DSGVO-compliant neutral reviews.


Conclude digital contracts internally and externally and benefit from verifiable traceability.

Access authorizations

Automatically verify valid access permissions and protect sensitive areas.


For example, secure your credentials via the blockchain.

You have a B2B offer in which you want us to integrate TrustCerts?

An attractive offering enables the integration of additional services. TrustCerts technology is now integrated into some B2B offerings and helps generate relevant added value for various customers.

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Simplify business processes through automation - An option?

Um die Wettbewerbsfähigkeit und damit auch den Erfolg eines Unternehmens nicht nur beibehalten zu können, sondern diesen auch zu optimieren, ist eine ständige Anpassung an die bestmögliche Technik nötig, um die Arbeitsabläufe – heutzutage oft als „Workflows“ beschrieben – optimal zu gestalten.

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