Simplify business processes through automation - An option?

Um die Wettbewerbsfähigkeit und damit auch den Erfolg eines Unternehmens nicht nur beibehalten zu können, sondern diesen auch zu optimieren, ist eine ständige Anpassung an die bestmögliche Technik nötig, um die Arbeitsabläufe – heutzutage oft als „Workflows“ beschrieben – optimal zu gestalten.

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What is a blockchain? - TrustCerts clarifies

In this article, the focus is on blockchain technology, which will be explained in more detail here. Blockchain is currently a buzzword without equal and is often mentioned in connection with Bitcoin. However, this article will discuss the fact that this technology is much more than the basis of the cryptocurrency and can also be used in a much more energy-efficient way.

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What is an electronic signature?

This article aims to clarify and provide a brief overview of what is meant by the term electronic signature. Although this term is becoming more and more common, there is a wide divergence of ideas as to what is meant by it.

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Advancing SSI: Partnership with IDunion

Started under the name "Self-Sovereign Identity for Germany", the IDunion project aims to create an ecosystem for decentralized identities (SSI) in Germany. TrustCerts is now a partner of this network and contributes its TrustChain as technology.

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