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Advancing SSI: Partnership with IDunion

Started under the name "Self-Sovereign Identity for Germany", the IDunion project aims to create an ecosystem for decentralized identities (SSI) in Germany. TrustCerts is now a partner of this network and contributes its TrustChain as technology.

IDunion is a research project funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. The project bundles resources and companies around the topic of self-determined, digital identities, better known as SSI (Self-Sovereign Identities). The Germany-wide consortium includes well-known institutions, both public and private, such as TU Berlin, Siemens AG and BWI GmbH. TrustCerts is henceforth a partner in IDunion and wants to contribute to the security, sovereignty and integrity of decentralized identity management with its self-developed Blockchain made in Germany.

Logos verschiedener Unternehmen als Projektpartner von IDunion.
Excerpt from the IDunion project partner portfolio

Self-Sovereign Identities (SSI)

With the help of self-determined and verifiable digital identities, users can manage their own identity information via a wallet. This gives the user the power to decide when to share which data with which organization. The user thus takes center stage and can make sovereign decisions about his or her data - a major step forward in terms of privacy. Beyond the identities of natural persons, the technology behind SSI can also be used to uniquely identify and manage devices, machines and sensors, which is becoming increasingly important for the Internet of Things (IoT).

Schaubild SSI: Aussteller, Nutzer und Prüfer sind an dem Prozess der digitalen Identität beteiligt. In dessen Zentrum steht eine Blockchain als Dezentraler Identifier.
The principle of SSI simplified

Role of the Blockchain

The blockchain is the foundation of the identity system, as it ensures availability and unforgeability of the identity system behind SSI. The decentralized structure of a blockchain and the use of different systems ensure that there is no central point of attack to access the data - which guarantees maximum security. In addition, a distributed network of nodes, which are operated geographically by different partners and with different architectures, offers a high level of availability and reliability. The important thing for data protection is that no personal data is stored on the blockchain, not even as a hash. The data resides solely on the end devices of the users. The blockchain serves as the infrastructure for representing the various relationships and stores cryptographic material in a forgery-proof manner as DIDs (Decentralized Identifiers).

TrustCerts as a blockchain partner

The blockchain TrustChain developed by TrustCerts offers optimal conditions for the use of digital identities. International standards of the W3C such as the interoperable system of DIDs or Verifiable Claims (VCs) are already integrated in the core system. Mirko Mollik, founder of TrustCerts and developer of TrustChain comments: "The IDunion project with its numerous use cases in the field of decentralized identity management gives us the opportunity to use the forward-looking technology in a problem-oriented way instead of just riding the blockchain wave as a result of the crypto hype."

In April of this year, the implementation of the first projects is to be launched, before productive operation of the wallets and digital identities will begin towards the end of the year. TrustCerts is proud to be part of this development and looks forward to a productive collaboration with real benefits for citizens, companies and institutions alike.

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