Your certificates & audit evidence tamper-proof and verifiable.

With TrustCerts, all official proofs are digitally verifiable and at the same time conveniently integrated into your existing processes via API call in compliance with DSGVO.

Advantages of our solution for the education sector:

Audit evidence becomes verifiable on a decentralized basis

Protection of all private data (DSGVO compliant)


Long term & tamper proof protection

Innovative technology from Germany

Open Source


Compatible with individual proofs (ID cards, certificates, notifications, exam papers ...)

Compatible with all data formats

Revise disallowed benefits in real time

Digital evidence in the education industry.

Official studies show that about 50% of all PhD certificates in the USA are forged or at least "optimized". Even if the forgery of certificates and educational documents may not yet be a mass phenomenon in Europe, the number of forgeries is constantly increasing. The temptations to raise the personal grade point average or to fake a suitable degree with low Photoshop skills are simply great.

The police's clearance rate is a remarkable 78%, but the vast majority of crimes remain undetected because the number of unreported cases is simply gigantic. Take advantage of the opportunities offered by digitalization and take preventive action! Make all your performance records, certificates, and credentials forgery-proof and verifiable by external third parties at any time - with minimal effort and manageable costs - without violating data protection guidelines.

Act now and minimize the risk of reputational damage to both educational institutions and companies. It is simply an attack on your credibility.

"Over 50,000 secured certificates via TrustCerts speak a clear language! We are very pleased that FOM is taking a leading role with externally verifiable and forgery-proof university certificates."
Markus Felten
Vice Chancellor FOM

Forgery-proof certificates at FOM

FOM, the largest private university in Germany, has been digitally securing all issued university certificates simultaneously via TrustCerts since 2020.

For this purpose, the documents created in PDF format are stored in a collected folder and their generated hash value is saved in the blockchain. Based on the unique hash value of each file, graduates, employers or other universities can check when and whether the certificate was actually issued by FOM - simply by converting the original digital document in the TrustCerts system.


...thanks to high-profile cases of revocation, such as that of top politicians like Franziska Giffey, for example, we have ensured that you can also retroactively declare certificates of achievement and credentials invalid at any time 😉

Start today with TrustCerts.

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