Effectively prevent document forgery and prescription fraud in real time

TrustCerts uses modern blockchain technology to enable the verification of prescriptions and medical orders - both digitally and in printed form.

Advantages of our solution for the healthcare sector:

Merging interfaces

Simplification of batch reconciliation

Simplification of digital files


Forgery-proof certificates and recipes

Long-term review of sensitive documents

Personal data protection with decentralized control


Location-independent access

Verifiable on all end devices

Digital & printed applicable

Digitization of the healthcare system

In the wake of the Corona pandemic and the enforcement of restrictions on unvaccinated individuals, the weakness of our only rudimentarily digitized healthcare system was once again demonstrated. Prescription abuse is a widespread authoritative problem. - both for health insurers as a cost factor, and for the different parties in the service delivery, service providers & pharmacies.

Added to the problem of originality of evidence and that of patient management is the combined evidence of batches and lot sizes, i.e. the connection of the digital and real worlds. Also initiated by the Ministry of Health, the digitalization of the healthcare sector is being pushed forward, resulting in various complex interfaces. TrustCerts' modern blockchain technology is compatible with all existing systems and can be fully integrated into existing structures and processes without much manual effort.

The emergence of forgeries of vaccination certificates has highlighted the vulnerability of credentials in the healthcare industry. Technical solutions must be introduced here that enable verifiability of originality, provide real-time security, and establish the link between the digital and real worlds. In the future, it will be necessary to provide new security for all service providers in the healthcare system!

Remedy prescription

As part of the new Therapeutic Products Directive, a number of innovations were introduced and implemented at the beginning of 2021 that have made it significantly more difficult for providers of therapeutic products to check the originality and billability of a prescription.

The TrustCerts technology enables real-time reconciliation of both digital and printed prescriptions and can be used - completely independently of the hardware equipment at the healthcare provider. A potential win-win situation for all stakeholders in the healthcare system.

And ...

...thanks to hardware independence as well as API integration into existing processes, the modern blockchain technology from TrustCerts is suitable for small, cost-effective pilot projects that can be implemented quickly. Also for a small, possibly regional circle of selected cooperation partners - this is also often a challenge in healthcare.

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