Industry certificates & proofs traceable and forgery-proof

TrustCerts enables the unique identifiability of industry certificates in real time, both in digital and printed form, readily integrated into existing processes.

Advantages of our solution for the industrial sector

Unification of management

Effective implementation of new legislation


Simple verification of process quality

Minimization of error occurrence

Forgery-proof protection of evidence


Fast response time when site or batch problems arise

Verifiable on all end devices

Digital & printed applicable

Digital evidence in the industry.

The Supply Chain Act not only brings with it significant new requirements for logistics, but of course also for manufacturing companies. At the same time, the bureaucratic requirements for documentation in the context of occupational health and safety and work permits are increasing. Both lead to not inconsiderable increases in the overall administrative effort.

Documented and decentrally verifiable proofs in real time, e.g. of batch and location or batch sizes, help to accelerate processes and drive further (partial) automation. At the same time, continuous, independent and traceable controls ensure maximum safety and a lower incidence of errors.

TrustCerts enables an efficient approach to the tamper-proof classification of documents, both embedded in an existing technological platform or as a stand-alone solution. In this way, the documentation effort of different areas can also be significantly reduced, multiple work can be prevented and, at the same time, the quality and correctness can be checked in real time at every single point in the process.

Maintenance & control on the fly

Being able to check the maintenance intervals of the machines used during the production process leads to demonstrably better planning and control, even in the case of flexible changes, and to optimized utilization of the machine park.

At the same time, the control of batches and lot sizes directly in the production process ensures a minimization of rejects and faulty production. Agile working with zero-defect tolerance becomes possible.

And ...

...thanks to hardware independence as well as API integration into existing processes, TrustCerts' modern blockchain technology is suitable for small, cost-effective pilot projects that can be implemented quickly. Use innovative technology to solve the growing challenges in administration, so you can focus on the core business again.

Start today with TrustCerts.

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