Implement supply chain law & protect sensitive areas

With TrustCerts, the supply chain law can be implemented in a traceable manner. All documents are verifiable, both in digital and printed form, readily integrated into existing processes.

Advantages of our solution for the logistics sector

Standardization and simplification of logistics processes

Improvement of communication and planning


Simple verification of process quality

Minimization of error occurrence

Legal certainty through verifiable tracking


fast reaction time in case of disturbances in the processes

Verifiable on all end devices

Digital & printed applicable

The situation in the logistics industry.

The last two years show the entire logistics sector and at the same time the industry more and more new challenges. Sudden disruptions due to Corona outages, blockades of the Suez Canal or drastic price increases for elementary raw materials lead to a massive increase in uncertainty.

Most problems are exacerbated by inadequate and uncertain information and communication. Even in industry, which switched to just-in-time delivery many years ago, a lack of information is a major cost driver when logistics processes suddenly come to a standstill.

With TrustCerts, uniform, DSGVO-compliant and independently traceable information can be mapped across complete logistics processes. Even the Supply Chain Act, as an upcoming EU-wide legal requirement, can be mapped and fulfilled in existing processes with innovative technology. TrustCerts offers a transparent, digital solution for tracking your supply chain - also with integration of printed proofs.

Access control to sensitive areas

Not every employee is necessarily allowed to enter every area, but non-digital ID systems are bulky and susceptible to forgery. Digital systems, on the other hand, require a great deal of integration and are sometimes extremely cost-intensive.

The solution from TrustCerts is ready for use within a few days, can be docked onto existing HR software and enables DSGVO-compliant storage and tamper-proof protection via the employee's smartphone.

And ...

...sometimes things simply have to move fast, especially in logistics! The entire system acts in real time and allows adjustments in processes as well as the blocking of employees within two clicks. Use innovative technology to solve the growing challenges in logistics, so you can focus on your core business again.

Start today with TrustCerts.

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