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Creation and verification of unlimited number of proofs


20 gratis Credits

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Create and check proofs of unlimited number without restrictions



All the features of the Free version plus:


Create and check proofs of unlimited number without restrictions with individual features

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All the features of the Business version plus:

Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions

The verification and the related check of your electronic as well as analog proofs is free of charge. Registration is not necessary for the process.

In our Enterprise package, you can even integrate the verification processes in your own system. Either by using the verification interfaces or a personalized verification portal.

The flexibility of TrustCreator gives you the option to choose between a cloud or on-premise solution. With our cloud solution, your documents are protected long-term by end-to-end encryption and provided on ISO 27001-certified servers in Germany. In the enterprise model, the on-premise solution allows you to provide all documents in your IT infrastructure.

By purchasing the Business or Enterprise package, you can take advantage of TrustCreator's API interface and confidently secure or even verify any documents via your trusted infrastructure.

TrustCerts' proprietary blockchain technology provides a trust anchor to guarantee the integrity and authenticity of your documents. Only the checksum of your document is stored in the blockchain, so that you decide sovereignly about the transfer of the data.

When the sum of credits for securing your evidence is used up, further credits are charged according to a pay-per-use model. The unit price depends on the selected credit package. It is possible to switch between the packages at any time.
With TrustCerts, you can secure any file formats with confidence. In addition to the high flexibility of file formats, TrustCerts can protect all types of documents via the blockchain. Regardless of whether they are invoices, certificates, policies, or employee-related verifications

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