Innovative, forgery-proof e-prescriptions for your practice

Traditional prescriptions have long been overshadowed by the modern zeitgeist. TrustCerts delivers a fully electronic and tamper-proof alternative for practices and doctors.

We ensure more sustainability!

In 2020, around 445 million recipes in Germany were made from paper.

TrustCerts digitizes these paper-based prescriptions and delivers an electronic and sustainable alternative.

A technology that guarantees safety

Prescriptions are increasingly the focus of drug fraud and are therefore excessively falsified.

Our technology proactively protects all variants of recipes through the blockchain, making them tamper-proof in the long run.

The digital twin to the original recipe

The number of prescriptions that are lost is enormous and, if lost, puts the patient at risk. With 3.3 million people receiving care in public pharmacies every day, the importance of a low-loss digital solution becomes apparent.

Together with our e-prescription, practices preventively reduce the amount of lost prescriptions and offer the respective customer the choice between a paper-based and electronic prescription.

More time for patient treatment

The creation of conventional recipes is correlated with high time consumption. Especially with font errors and corrections, this problem adds up.

Thanks to the individual templates from TrustCerts for the electronic, secure creation of e-prescriptions, practices act much more efficiently and can invest the time gained in patient treatment. This significantly increases compliance.

Advantages through TrustCerts

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