Hedge contracts at any time and in a decentralized manner

The drafting and manual signing of contracts is laborious and time-consuming.

TrustCerts meets the European desire for independent, digital and secure contract management.

The e-signature service that meets the highest requirements

E-signatures have become a global standard in contracting due to a variety of factors, including the Corona pandemic.
In Europe, especially in Germany, this approach is not yet ubiquitous because a protected and comprehensible European solution was not available.

With the transparent blockchain technology from TrustCerts, the electronic signing of contracts meets this requirement. The technology is neutrally traceable, DSGVO-compliant, forgery-proof and resides exclusively on European infrastructure.

More time through faster contract processing

65% of companies experience delays in closing deals related to contract management.

TrustCerts creates clarity and structure for contract processing. The forgery-proof e-signature provides preventive protection against delays and reduces the administrative time required to just a few minutes.

Trust as a Service

49% of companies have difficulty maintaining the security and confidentiality of contracts.

Together with our innovative blockchain technology, contracts can retrospectively neither be forged nor manipulated. In this way, we provide significant support in establishing trust and security as an important asset in digital contract management.

Cost savings through innovative technology

The administrative processing of contracts is associated with high costs in the case of lengthy discussions. The additional travel or dispatch of sensitive contract documents for signing adds up to this problem significantly.

In addition to the high level of security, the split-second e-signature via TrustCerts is significantly less expensive. On average, TrustCerts reduces transaction costs from around 30 euros to a minimum.

Advantages through TrustCerts

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