Certification of academic credentials for educational institutes

It is becoming increasingly difficult for companies to differentiate original certificates from forgeries.
TrustCerts creates clarity and transparency in dealing with certificates.

We take safety to a new level!

In 2019, 73,560 criminal offenses involving document forgery were received by the Federal Criminal Police Office, and the number of unreported cases is much higher.

With the help of digital signatures and blockchain technology, you secure the certificate against manipulation and can clearly prove the issuer.

Automated exhibition in a few moments

Many facilities still issue their verifications in analog format, and typing errors can creep into the process.

Thanks to interfaces, our services can be integrated directly into existing processes, so that the graduate has his certificate immediately as an e-mail in his inbox.

High data protection and self-determination

Many platforms such as Facebook or LinkedIn can evaluate information to analyze or influence users.

With us, the graduate decides with whom he shares his credentials according to the self-sovereign identity principle.

Standardization in federalism

The distributed education system makes uniform solutions difficult and forces the use of multiple applications for validation.

Our solutions are based on W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) standards, so credentials can be customized, security levels and verification are consistent and straightforward.

The largest private university already uses TrustCerts.

FOM is one of the leading institutions already using TrustCerts' technology to issue certificates in a timely and forgery-proof manner.

This not only enhances FOM's reputation with any company, but also sets it apart as an innovative and future-oriented university.

Advantages through TrustCerts

Start today with TrustCerts.

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