Secure access authorizations for your employees

Digital access authorizations enable employees to prove their identity at the site beyond doubt.

TrustCerts enables the use of standard hardware and simple, neutral checks.

Access authorizations redefined

The variety of occasions in which access authorizations or proofs of work are required is ubiquitous.

It doesn't matter whether it's access to shielded sectors or successful health checks. All topics can be mapped simply in real time and neutrally using TrustCerts technology. This eliminates the use of paper-based authorizations and establishes a modern, fast and secure alternative.

More efficiency in controls

The verification of personnel is very time-consuming. The available certificates are often not sufficient and telephone calls are used to identify the person.

The protected, digital access authorization from TrustCerts is accepted because it is forgery-proof. This means that checks can be carried out more quickly and conveniently for both parties while maintaining the same level of quality.

Individual designs for your access authorization

Access authorizations are subject to constant change and are continuously modified graphically. This often results in communication difficulties between companies, personnel and control bodies.

TrustCerts' templates enable flexible and decentralized adaptation of digital proofs at any time.

Safety first

Physical access authorizations are associated with two major risks. In addition to the risk of forgery, loss of the credential can occur at any time.

TrustCerts' innovative approach issues electronic credentials and neutralizes threats such as loss of proof. The blockchain technology developed prevents access authorizations from being forged or manipulated.

A sustainable as well as effective solution

Approximately 37 billion plastic cards are produced worldwide, including for access authorizations. This volume accounts for a weight of 150,000 tons of plastic.

TrustCerts not only delivers an effective, secure and time-saving solution for access authorizations, but is also significantly more environmentally friendly by using existing hardware (smartphone, for example).

Advantages through TrustCerts

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