Making the world safer together

TrustCerts works with several companies and research institutions to define important standards.

A public ecosystem for digital identities

IDunion is a BMBF-funded project that aims to advance and actively implement the topic of digital identities in Germany.

We as TrustCerts are proud to support the project with our knowledge and technology.


Data protection is close to our hearts: that's why we use Telekom's infrastructure to guarantee our customers the highest standards of high protection and secure operation.


Together with other companies, we want to make our contribution to IT security in industry.


As a spin-off from the Institute for Internet Security in Gelsenkirchen, we have access to the institute's resources, such as research on blockchain, as well as current relevant topics related to IT security.


As a participant in the training program for cyber security start-ups, we have sharpened our business model and found and optimized a market strategy.


We are part of the TeleTrusT initiative "IT Security made in Germany" and proudly bear the trust mark. We have our trustworthy IT security solutions from Germany tested on a regular basis.


The incubator for IT security start-ups supports us in our exchange with other companies from our constantly growing industry.


As a central point of contact for digitization in the Ruhr region, the ruhr:HUB supports us in the area of matchmaking with potential customers and partners.


In the Digital Identity Foundation ecosystem, we collaborate with other international companies on SSI standards to ensure interoperability.


Together with other companies and institutions, we are driving digitization in Germany.


As a founding member of the Blockchain Cluster, we benefit from a global network and tailored mentorship.

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With Blockchain Europe, we are jointly shaping and further developing blockchain, conducting research and highlighting concrete practical examples.

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