We call it Trust-as-a-Service, meaning security as an add-on for any process, with any file format. Based on the autonomously functioning blockchain technology developed over many years of research.

Blockchain technology as software-as-a-service

In the context of decentralized verifiability, long-term immutability and forgery-proof storage, blockchain technology offers fundamentally invaluable advantages. Not without reason, there has been extensive discussion for several years about which areas of life and which industries will be massively changed by the blockchain.

With regard to the TrustChain and the verifiable proofs, the integrity is guaranteed via a unique checksum. For this reason, the issuer has sole control over the transfer. Through the digital signature, the recipient verifies the issuer, regardless of how the data was received.

Cloud or on-premise

Use our provisioned network in certified data centers to handle your use cases via TrustChain. We take care of the provisioning, organize the integration with you, you take care of your business.

You want to remain independent? The innovative TrustChain technology can also be operated in your closed company network without having to communicate with the outside world. Please do not hesitate to contact us!

Modular structure

There is no one system that can be used efficiently for every problem. For this reason, a node consists of several modules that interact with each other in the form of microservices.

Scaling modules for perfect load balancing or high-security modules for even more security. Decide for yourself or in consultation with our experts what is relevant for your network.

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