Security as an add-on for your processes sounds good, but it also has to be simple. For this reason, using or integrating TrustCerts into your existing processes is simple and fast.

Can be integrated everywhere

Our technology works completely autonomously and independently of your existing software. For this reason, TrustCerts can be quickly and easily integrated into all kinds of systems, whether SAP solutions or self-developed individual software. Even the choice of your operating system or server infrastructure is irrelevant, as our TrustCerts technology works autonomously. We take care of your security, no matter which systems you use, so that you can concentrate on your core business. Translated with (free version)

Simple digitization

Most companies still have a large number of analog records and documents. These take up a lot of space, are confusing and are only available for work processes to a limited extent. We help with the digitization with our solutions to better manage your documents. In addition, they are protected against tampering by our blockchain technology. We are currently involved in the first standardization projects to make blockchain technology and services based on it certifiable with partners such as the BSI. 

Analog and digital

Our solutions can be used for both analog and digital documents. A simple QR code on your document is enough to secure it against forgery and make it decentrally verifiable. A standard smartphone is already sufficient for free verification of authenticity. And digital documents can also be easily checked in real time via a corresponding terminal device such as a PC or smartphone with an Internet connection.

And ...

...thanks to the projects with our customers, we have API interfaces ready for you, which you can coordinate with us at any time.

Trust-as-a-Service becomes a reality and can be integrated into your systems at the click of a mouse. Contact us and let's work together to make the digital world a little more secure, but above all to protect it verifiably against manipulation.

Start today with TrustCerts.

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