Automated creation and easy management of secured evidence.

Evidence such as certificates is relatively easy to forge with modern technology and difficult to identify in individual cases. This means that the incentives for forgery are growing.

Format-independent and verifiable at any time

It is so easy to prove the originality of both digital and physical (i.e., printed) proofs and certificates. Based on TrustCerts technology, different, format-independent proofs are secured and at the same time made verifiable by neutral third parties at any time. Everything is DSGVO-compliant from front to back and flexible in terms of data format and end device. Not only can the creation of evidence be automated, but it can also be integrated into your own processes. The type of evidence simply does not matter, all evidence is managed quickly and securely.

Create consistent and CI-compliant evidence from your customizable individual designs. Avoid analog bottlenecks and speed up internal processes through digital workflows, easily automating repetitive tasks with the help of TrustCerts. This enables significant savings, as well as minimizing potential sources of errors that would otherwise result in multiple analog transfers of data to various administrative processes.

Original certificates

FOM, Germany's largest private university, uses our technology to digitally secure over 50,000 certificates and make them verifiable by neutral third parties. This means that any university or future employer can check at the click of a button when the certificate was issued and whether the information matches. No personal data is stored on the blockchain or leaves the university as part of the certificate creation process. Other universities have also started to work with TrustCerts and even enable verification of the printed physical version.

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