Trust-as-a-Service is first and foremost a promise in terms of security! We are fully aware of this and follow it in a structured and transparent manner in various forms.

2-factor security

Our technology is compatible with various two-factor authentication (2FA) methods. These include Trusted Platform Module (TPM) and FIDO2, among others. With this, we guarantee more security for your signatures.

Would you like to test the possible implementation of two-factor authentication? Contact us, we look forward to the exchange and are happy to help.

Protection in both directions

With blockchain technology, virtually all content is linked together, which offers the greatest possible security with regard to the manipulation of past data. By chaining checksums in new blocks, old blocks are automatically protected against subsequent changes. The TrustChain extends this security procedure by allowing new blocks to be accepted exclusively with prior knowledge from the previous blocks. This additional layer also provides an extremely high level of security for directly added data and information.

Crypto Agility

In the near future, quantum computers could render existing security methods useless. Encryption methods that are still absolutely secure today will then be cracked in seconds by these new types of computing systems.

The solution is crypto-agility, i.e. flexible and agile protocols and their updates can be used to start preparing for this scenario today. Under no circumstances should these future scenarios be hidden or corresponding solutions be introduced after it is too late. The TrustCerts services are crypto-agile, i.e. you are already secured today in selected areas when quantum computers become accessible.

Start today with TrustCerts.

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