Environmentally conscious

Technology does not always have to stand for a high environmental impact. Especially in this day and age, climate neutrality and CO2 reductions are of great importance. TrustCerts offers you sustainable processes for your digitization.

"From the very beginning, TrustCerts has been about using innovative technology, but at the same time being economical with energy consumption. The current combination offers the best of both worlds."
Oliver Weimann
Co-Initiator & Shareholder TrustCerts

Trust instead of work

Whenever the term "blockchain" comes up, you often read about "proof of work". This is one of the mechanisms of how a blockchain can be built. In this process, security is created through competition, as many participants, so-called "miners," compete against each other. However, this requires a great deal of computing power, which in turn entails high energy intensity.

With TrustChain technology, we rely on "Proof of Authority". This is about induced trust rather than vying, which drastically reduces the amount of energy required. In addition, our blockchain technology becomes even more powerful and stable through PoA processes.

Digital instead of paper

There are many arguments against the use of paper. Not only that its production consumes vast amounts of fresh water. Every printout on paper causes billions of fine dust particles, which harm both the environment and the employees who are exposed to these particles in the offices.

All documents can also be managed digitally. This protects the environment and health, and ultimately also saves space. In addition, you can also work far more efficiently and flexibly if most processes are also digitized.

And ...

...thanks to the first projects implemented, we see that our customers are doing away with printouts and physical filing. So we really save valuable raw materials in reality and help to build an ecosystem for the future.

We expect, especially in the context of SSI, an insane impact not only on security and comfort with our personal information, but especially for the environment as well.

Start today with TrustCerts.

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